Theaters in Thessaloniki

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Vasiliko Theater

Vasiliko Theater of Thessaloniki is located very close to the White Tower and the city’s central park. Together with the Theater of the Company of Macedonian Studies which is located nearby, they are attractions for theater lovers in Thessaloniki.

National Theater of Northern Greece

The National Theater of Northern Greece was founded in 1961 and moved to the then newly-built building of the Company of Macedonian Studies in the autumn of 1962. It was the first theater in Greece to establish repertory performances, while its Drama School has been operating since 1973.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Built on an 18,000 square meters lot by the seafront, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall is a state-of-the-art cultural center of international standards, with the capacity to host a wide range of artistic and cultural events. It was inaugurated on January 2nd 2000, and regular performances began in May of the same year.

Avlaia Theater

Avlaia Theater is one of the most significant landmarks of the cultural history of Thessaloniki. It is housed at the YMCA building, and a series of famous Greek actors and actresses, such as Minotis, Paxinou, Labeti, Horn, Katrakis, Vougiouklaki, Konstantaras, Vlachopoulou and others, have performed on its stage. After suffering significant damage due to a disastrous fire in 2005, its restoration was completed in 2010.


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