A selected team of our Scientific Committee will be monitoring oral and e-poster presentations throughout our Congress. Emphasis will be given on the scientific content, importance, novelty and overall presentation by the participant. The «Best Poster» and the «Best Oral Presentation» will be awarded on Saturday 23 September at the Congress Closing Ceremony, HALL 1 (ALEXANDROS II) 18:00-19:00 PM.

Evaluation Committee:
1) Prof. Norbert Gutknecht
2) Prof. Adam Stabholz
3) Prof. Jörg Meister
4) Prof. Kosmas Tolidis
5) Prof. Josep Arnabat
6) Dr. Rene Franzen, PhD
7) Dr. Dimitris Strakas, PhD

We would like to thank our AWARD SPONSORS: SHOFU and ULTRADENT


The Indirect Cad/Cam Bundle (Value: 600€)

  • 1 x HC Primer (Y0005)
  • 1 x ResiCem (PN 3220)
  • 1 x Cad/Cam kit (PN 0956)
  • 1 x Block HC (PN 2150C)


Mosaic Intro Kit (Value: 320€)

1 Free Registration for WFLD Aachen 2018 Congress



The Direct Restoration Bundle (Value: 400€)

  • 1 x Beautifil Flow Plus 00: A3 (PN 2003)
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  • 1 x FL Bond II (PN 1306)
  • 1 x One gloss (PN 0180)
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  • 1 x Beautifil Gingiva G (PN Y2256)


PF Patient Kit + Go + Boost Patient Kit (Bleaching) (Value: 250€)

1 Free Registration for WFLD Aachen 2018 Congress